Skype Call with Learning Partner Ed

I had a pleasant call with my learning partner this afternoon. We talked a little about our lives before this program, and about our progress so far. We also discussed the two blogs that we had posted in week two: about the characteristics of adult learners, and about trends in our respective industries. We had a quick chat about the characteristics of learners, but spent a much longer time on the trends in one another’s industry.

I will not repeat the trends in marketing, as there is already a big long post just below this one on the very topic!

And I was engrossed about Ed’s tales about welding. He tells a lively and engaged story about the industry that has occupied his life for a long time. Ed has worked as a welder before branching to teaching. I was surprised and intrigued by the amount of technical innovation that permeates the field. First of all, welding is a worldwide and vibrant industry. Advances in the technology occur on a global scale, and there are some very large companies that dominate the field. Secondly, there are new innovations to make welded constructs even stronger.

Ed told me about the increasing role that robotics is playing in welding. He spoke about an existing technology called submerged arc welding, and the uses of new approaches such as specialized gases for laser cutting, which greatly increase accuracy. Meanwhile, laser arc welding with its sustained ability of distortion control, may replace submerged arc welding in the future. New technologies lead to higher joint completion rates, and increase productivity, and strengthen steel and other metal structures.

With new technologies and innovative new approaches, and no foreseeable decrease in demand for this service, welding will continue to attract a well trained labour force. With Ed’s industry experience and instructional skills, new recruits will do well to sharpen their skills before entering this ever growing industry.

My Skype call with Ed. Image from Flickr Commons.
Image from page 121 of “Bell Telephone Magazine” (1922) Public Domain image. Did these two busy telephone operators ever imagine a world where callers could see and talk with another person, anywhere in the world, using a “laptop” computer or a “smartphone”?



Skype Call with Learning Partner Ed

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