Long time, no see.

It’s been a few months since I’ve written here. A lot has happened – I have been teaching management of technology at BCIT’s School of Transportation, and I also taught Marketing at BCIT’s School of Business – a fun experience that I hope to continue. I am updating two textbooks and course materials for two Bachelors-level courses at BCIT. This fall, I have also started to teach at Kwantlen in the School of Business: I teach two courses in Marketing. All this, while continuing with the Provincial Instructors Diploma and a few consulting projects as well. Busy!

And it’s been good, and I have been learning lots. The PID is a great program. Through the many courses I have taken, I picked up useful tools and techniques and met wonderful people that I continue to see outside of class as well. It’s been a good decision to undertake this – my teaching techniques have vastly improved because of this program.

And so here I am, taking the final course in the program before I undertake the capstone project. I can almost see the blue skies and the wide open spaces. Wow, it all happened so quickly.

I will be writing here frequently in the next two months, a few posts every week, on a range of topics touching on the profession of teaching, ethical issues that come up in the classroom,¬†feedback and professionalism, and on general topics of education. It’s good to be back, here.

Doorway to… by Mark Iocchelli (CC Attribution Non Commercial)
Long time, no see.

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