Humour in the Classroom

An enjoyable read from Maryellen Weimer, PhD, this week:

“Humor connects teachers and students. It creates that sense of community, how we’re all in this together, how we all make stupid mistakes and need to laugh at our foibles. It keeps students interested and attentive. Some of us think it helps put students at ease—encouraging discussion and engaging exploration of topics and issues.”

Read more here.

I like to inject laughter in my classroom, I find that students learn better when they are engaged, at ease, and laughing. The stories tend to ‘stick’ better when they are delivered with a grain of humour. Today I showed a College Humor video to explain the concept of vertical integration in an industry supply chain. The class enjoyed the silly antics in the video and will remember the concept far better than if it was explained verbally.


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Humour in the Classroom

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