Faculty Focus on Critical Thinking

By coincidence, an excellent first-person article about critical thinking landed on my desk this morning. The author, Amy Mulnix, explains how she teaches creative thinking to her young students by being transparent about the process.

“What is it that my brain does when I’m integrating information? My first answer was that I just “see” the connections and parallels. How do I explain that to students? Fortunately, previous reflections served me well and a strategy came to me in the moment. I suggested we start by identifying the major ideas, topics, and characters from previous chapters. As we made the lists on the whiteboard, I felt a wave of relief as I personally started to see more connections among the material—connections I hadn’t identified before arriving in class. This gave me confidence that I had stumbled in the right direction.”

The article in full is found here on Faculty Focus

Max S, Brain, Goodfon.su


Mulnix, A. (2016). The Power of Transparency in Your Teaching. Retrieved from http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/instructional-design/power-transparency-teaching/

Faculty Focus on Critical Thinking

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